Project ORCHID

By , August 19, 2015 5:54 am


The Intervention with Women vulnerable to contracting and transmitting HIV is being carried out in some section of Eastern part of Dimapur. The Intervention is being supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and directly monitored by the State Unit of Project ORCHID. Akimbo Society is the other NGO working with High Risk Women in Dimapur. Prevention of HIV transmission and halting the spread of HIV through behavioural change communications are the two chief objectives of the intervention.

Reaching out to high risk women with STI/HIV related health services, education on STI/HIV and related issues through personal/group interactions, responding to crisis, building linkages and networks with service providers and creating awareness and advocating with stakeholders are some of the major activities carried out in the intervention program. Besides these, community events such as World AIDS Day, International Day of Women, International Day against illicit drug trafficking, etc are commemorated with the active participation of the target population and other well wishers.

The team working with the High Risk Women is committed towards infusing ownership of the problem of STI/HIV into the minds of the target population. Though this cannot be measured strictly in quantity, this phenomenon is being gauged through the attitude and perception of the target population. “When they come forward with their problems seeking requisite help without our insistence, it is a positive sign that they are becoming more aware and educated about the risks they may pose to themselves and to others”, as our Field workers state, and which is now becoming a regular phenomena, is one of the indicators that the intervention is having some positive impacts. Besides, when the target population report shift from their risky to safer behavior, the team understands that their efforts are having positive impacts.

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